Glückskäfer Enamelware with blue painting cooking set


Description: This enamelware cooking set consists of a pan, a high pot, a low pot, ladle, spatula and a skimmer. The blue paint trimming adds a nostalgic look. It is durable, easy to wash and lightweight. It fits perfectly in small hands for imaginative play pretend.
Material: enamel
Product size: Approx 11cm diameter (pots and pan), approx 34cm by 21 cm (basket)
Suitable for age 3+
Made in Germany

For more than 26 years, Gluckskafer has created premium toys that focus on children's creative play as well as the importance of safety. Their toys are specially designed to the shapes and colours so as to provide unlimited imaginative options for play that promote motor skills without neglecting sensory development. All the toys are made from eco-friendly and/or sustainable resources.