Evi doll - Flower girl Lavender

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Description : Evi dolls are designed with simple features to allow a child's imagination to express itself freely. The dolls are filled with pure soft wool, 100% knitted cotton (as skin) and  100% cotton / 100%wool felt for their clothes. 

Material: 100% knitted cotton (skin) and 100% wool (hair, clothes and fillers)
Product size: approx 13cm
Suitable for age 3+
Made in Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Atelier de Bonecas Evi began in 1988 with the objective of improving the living conditions of women in power neighbourhood in Sao Paulo by teaching them the craft of doll making and giving them the opportunity to support their families financially, The women artisans are paid fair wages and their beautiful handwork gains them respect and dignity.