Glückskäfer irregular shaped blocks

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Description: The irregular shapes of these creative building blocks offers unlimited, open-ended play possibilities. Besides building and construction, it can be used in variety of ways to inspire learning. It could also be used for unlimited creative play in different play settings for instance, trees, hills or home in a small world play scene or food in a kitchen setting. This handcrafted wooden block set is made from solid FSC wood and treated with non-toxic oil-based plant pigments.
Material: solid FSC certified European wood
Product size: approx 6cm thick
Suitable for age 2+
Made in Germany


For more than 26 years, Gluckskafer has created premium toys that focus on children's creative play as well as the importance of safety. Their toys are specially designed to the shapes and colours so as to provide unlimited imaginative options for play that promote motor skills without neglecting sensory development. All the toys are made from eco-friendly and/or sustainable resources.