Keptin-Jr Toddel Sneeky rattle red

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Recommended age: 0-9months
Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton
Stuffing: Pure Wool
Size: 30cm
Made in Europe

Care Instructions: Machine Wash 30°C (86°F)
(Tip: Handwash with baby bottle and accessories cleanser if used as a teething companion)


With a caterpillar-like structure, Sneeky stretches easily across a baby’s body and is perfect for engaging the youngest infants who are yet to achieve mobility. Even with their restricted range of body and arm movement, when guided to exert their natural grip on one end of Sneeky with each hand, babies can wiggle Sneeky and enjoy the soft rattling sounds from its body segments. In addition to the tactile and auditory stimulation, the contrast presented by Sneeky’s striped hat and body also engages and sharpens babies’ developing vision. As babies grow and develop, other parts of the body, like the legs and mouth, are enlisted to continue their exploration and discovery of Sneeky.